Rhyming Polemics

Shooting in the US of A

I’m shooting from the hip

I’m shooting with red hot lead

I’m shooting at the passers-by

I’m shooting till they’re dead.


I’m shooting from the rooftop

I’m shooting ‘em in their beds

I’m shooting up my local school

I’m aiming for their heads.


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Monument for Margaret Thatcher

They’ve been talking about a statue for Mrs Thatcher

Remember her – they called her both the Iron Lady and the school milk snatcher

Remember her – she said this lady isn’t for turning

Hold on a moment, is that the sickening smell of something burning?


She’s the one who said there is no such thing as Society.

‘Just balance the books, hard work and sobriety’

Remember her – she ordered the destruction of the Belgrano as it was turning

Just a second, is that the sickening smell of conscript sailors burning?


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Ping Philosophy

Pick up a bat if you see it

Have a quick game if you feel it

Take on the world if you dare it

If the ball comes your way then just ping it


If you’re feeling anxious and alienated just ping it

If you’re saddened by the state of the world just swing it

If you feel your youth slipping away then just wing it

Because Ping England’s in town so just sing and be in it.


Ping at the park and Ping at the school

Ping in the office – up to 11 as a rule

Ping on your way home with your bat as your tool

Play with your mates or any old fool.

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I’ve been reading Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus- every line

And it’s got me thinking and a fretting about the future of mankind

I’ve been thinking that maybe we humans have truly passed our prime

And that Artificial intelligence is going to leave us humans far behind.


Algorithms clogging up my brain

Algorithms monitoring my pain

Algorithms calculating gain

Algorithms trying to keep me sane.


My computer is a wonder -  it is far smarter than you and I

It computes my bio-rhythms at the blinking of an eye

It whips me at the chess board no matter how I try

And it’s even taken to predicting the very day I die.

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The New Enlightenment


 We’re living through a second brutal dark age

With renewed bigotry, superstition and terror.

And if you thought we’re on a preordained, exponential path of progress

Then I suspect you might be making a fundamental error.


Since the collapse of the twentieth century experiment in socialism

With equality and global brotherhood as its imagined creed

We have succumbed to the ideology of individualism

Which turns out to be  nothing but a fig leaf for corporate greed.


The natural dialectic between cooperation and competition

Has been cynically twisted in favour of the latter

Never-ending wars between regions and religions

Divide and rule, while the elites grow grotesquely fatter.

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