President Trump: Wrong Person with the Wrong Agenda.

That Trump is totally unfit for public office is blindingly obvious. All the opprobrium that has been hurled is way is, without the slightest doubt, justified. He is a demagogue of the worst kind. Playing to the economic insecurities and basest instincts of a largely marginalised American working class, Trump has shown himself to be a bullying misogynist, a crude racist, a vile narcissist and in all probability, a tax evading crook. But his personal characteristics, such as they are, pale into insignificance when we consider his political agenda.

But, it's not true that everything he has been saying is totally off the planet. Far from it. Like the infinitely more reasoned and socially responsible Bernie Saunders, Trump has accurately highlighted the deteriorating plight of the American working class at the hands of global capital, but, unlike Saunders, Trump's proposed solutions are socially toxic and economically fanciful, bordering on the fascistic. To make America great again, will necessitate triggering a global trade war, in which there can be no winners. And trade wars, as we should have learnt from the bitter experience of the mid twentieth century, can all too easily morph into a full-on military war.


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Simon Jenkins: Union Basher.

Our liberal media commentators are lining up to condemn the strike action of the RMT and others. Last month it was Matthew Syed in The Times. This month it is Simon Jenkins writing in the London Evening Standard 9/1/17. Both papers I should add are owned and tightly controlled by billionaire media barons who always and everywhere side with the global corporate interest. And when we look at the actions of these billionaires, we should never, ever forget that behind every great fortune is a great crime.

Common to the whinging all these liberal commentators is the sheer inconvenience that these strikes cause the common citizen. If only the Union Barons would sit down and reasonably work out their differences with management, we could all get on with our busy lives in this great city of ours. And therein lies the fundamental error of their argument. To Syed, Jenkins and their cohorts, there are four main parties involved; management, government and unions and of course the ordinary hard-pressed citizen. This is patently a nonsense and a Tory corporate fiction.

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Fidel Castro: A Historical Hero

Sam Leith (Evening Standard 28th November) and Zoe Williams (The Guardian) were tripping over each other and themselves in their endeavours to brand Fidel Castro a ruthless, bestial dictator. And anyone who dared to think otherwise was guilty of naïve 6th form politics. Both are competent enough journalists, and on their day, damn good ones. A pity then, that on this occasion they, along with dozens of other liberal commentators, were guilty of the same bourgeois journalistic failing  that of allowing themselves to become divorced from the material reality of their subject. It's not that both Leith and Williams do not make some valid points  they do. Arbitrary thuggish state repression is just that, no matter whether it comes from the right or the left particularly if one is on the receiving end. But criticisms of Castro, like any great historical figure, becomes totally devoid of meaning if divorced from the concrete reality from which they emerged. This is as true for Castro as it is for all the great socialist revolutionaries of the 20th

century. When you read the above- mentioned articles it transpires that it is our esteemed liberal journalists who are guilty of high school journalism and not those that seek a balanced assessment.

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John Harris: Does The Left Have A future? The Guardian 6th Sept 2016


Here is an excellent article; comprehensive, insightful and coherent. But it is an article that is crying out for some sort of conclusion. However, Harris is either unwilling or unable to provide one. Of course, in his defence, there are no glib conclusions to the fragmentation and demoralisation of the old European working class any more than there are easy conclusions to be drawn from the relentless march of globalisation and automation. These are the trickiest of subjects. Harris, like the rest of us, does not have a crystal ball, so he can be forgiven for not offering his readers too many definites. But he could have made some tentative suggestions as to where the left should be heading.

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Hillsborough: A Case Study in Britain’s Tainted Democracy


Much of the British media, excluding of course the criminal Murdoch Empire, are feigning a moral outrage at how shabbily the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy and their surviving relatives and friends have been treated. Perhaps some of the outrage is genuine but it doesn't feel so. It feels manufactured for the moment, and will be just as quickly forgotten as soon as the next big news story comes along.

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