Daily Mail:Journalistic School of Hypocrisy

Tony Rennell, writing in The Daily Mail, 28/2/13, had the temerity to criticise China for behaving like a typical capitalist big power. That's rich coming from a newspaper that has dedicated much of its existence to lambasting any and every country that dared to try and escape from the capitalist orbit. And low and behold, China decides, for reasons best known to itself, to travel in the opposite direction and attempt to re-join the capitalist road, and what does it get for its troubles  a tirade of abuse from Tony Rennell and his mates at The Mail. Now that's what I call hypocrisy on an industrial scale. And what exactly is China guilty of? According to our learned Mr Rennell, it is the crime of behaving precisely as Britain did in the nineteenth century and America did in the twentieth century.

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'The Metro' pretends to be radical

Beware of free newspapers. They are starting to proliferate in London and other major UK cities and of course, they have their own agenda. Firstly they are not community newsletters, far from it. They are owned by corporate interests. In the case if the free London Evening Standard, it is the property of the Lebedev's, an influential family of Russian oligarchs. Say no more. In the case of the Metro, it is owned by Associated Newspapers, part of the Daily Mail Group. Say no more. However, to keep up their populist credentials both papers have been known to take superficially radical positions on certain national and even international affairs. That is not necessarily a bad thing as long as we readers are aware of the corporatist agendas lurking just below the surface. Their heartfelt pleas for a more rational capitalism is all about their endeavours to increase their share of the market, be it in finance, commodities, information or industrial capital. That is their bottom line  maximisation of their profit margins, and any philanthropic or humanist input, is merely clever window dressing.

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Peter Hitchins: Nasty 'Little Englander'

Peter Hitchens, one of the more vicious 'little englanders' peddling the poison of English chauvinism in the British tabloids, finishes his dire diatribe against an internationalist history by arguing;

'The person who knows no history remains forever a child, unable to see when he is being fooled and robbed.' 

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Brazil's Decade Of Sport

When you start poking around behind the glossy headlines, some pretty disturbing statistics start to emerge from World Cup and Olympic hosts Brazil. The mainstream media is usually content just to report on Brazil's growth figures spectacular before the 2008 crash and still respectable at 4% four years after the crash. The EU would die for those sort of figures. But these sort of broad brush statistics only tell part of Brazil's story. Admittedly, Brazil is no longer under the direct control of the generals, and its national government, like much of South America, has a leftist direction to it. The hold of the neo- liberal, IMF Chicago school of economics is definitely weakening and grassroots democracy is slowly but surely starting to assert itself. All good stuff. In some respects, South America is now putting Europe to shame. But it is not all roses in the garden as the following grim figures will testify.

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BBC Sports Personality of the Year: Yuk!

I think I am rapidly developing an obsession about the BBC. First it was their OTT patriotic Olympic coverage that got my goat. Then there was and is the never-ending sycophantic fawning over the monarchy  births, engagements, marriages, divorces, jubilees. The Beeb just can't get enough of the stuff. It's not so much they report the news, more they try to create it. The average Joe, Josephine and Jamaal down the road isn't intrinsically interested in the monarchy but the constant media frenzy whips up a storm where there would normally be disinterest. And then there is the dumbed down drama and news departments of which I blogged about recently. And to cap off a thoroughly uninspiring year for BBC TV we were served up the annual grotesque orgy of self- congratulatory cliches and platitudes commonly known as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

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