Don't Buy The Idea That Heathrow Expansion is Good For The Nation. Simon Jenkins

'Sporting Polemics, rightly or wrongly, hasn't always been complimentary to Mr Jenkins. A little too willing to accommodate the excesses of corporate Britain. A little too ready to turn a blind eye to the real nature of corporate globalism. But in his latest opinion piece on airport expansion, despite his trademark pro- capitalist sentiment, he makes some very salient points. The essence of his argument can be summed up by his concluding paragraph which unambiguously asserts that the only real motivation for Heathrow expansion is one of corporate profit. Here is Simon Jenkins in his own words;

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All Hail The Bearded One, Chris Mullin, The Guardian, 15/9/15


Chris Mullin is at it again. Having imagined the fate of a radical left-wing Prime Minister way back in 1982 in his novel, 'A Very British Coup', Mullin now dares to imagine the first 100 days of a Jeremy Corbyn Government. It's a clever and imaginative piece that has Corbyn surviving all the usual establishment traps and coming out a respected and even well-loved Prime Minister. Of course, Mullin is only imagining the first 100 days. After that, Mullin choses not to predict. writing, 'How long the honeymoon would last was anyone's guess'.

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The Lebedevs: Schizophrenic Oligarchs


The Lebedev's, owners of the London Evening Standard, just can't make up their minds. One minute they're whipping up support for the Tory Party and generally behaving as one would expect a reasonable size cog in the corporate machine to behave. Next minute they are masquerading as tribunes of London's working class, championing everything from literacy, safe cycling, affordable housing and clean air. The only problem with playing these two roles is, for the most part, they are diametric opposites.

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Money and greed has ruined the beautiful game, Justin Cartwright, Evening Standard, 29/5/15


Confucius say, 'Big sum of money on top of table, big corruption under table.' He didn't say this of course, but he may well have had he been around in the early years of the 21st century. There are billions of corporate dollars sloshing around the so called 'beautiful game', so it should surprise nobody that FIFA, the governing body of the game is mired in systemic corruption. We see it in every facet of our globalised corporate world; banking, arms sales, corporate manoeuvrings and political lobbying. Why should we expect globalised sport to be any different? Justin Cartwright, writing in the London Evening Standard, a highly manipulative free newspaper owned by a Russian oligarchic family, makes some superficially useful points, but rather fails to nail the beast. But then, how could he when he gets paid by the very system that he seeks to expose? There is a distinct whiff of hypocrisy about much of the commentary surrounding FIFA and Cartwright I'm afraid has, inadvertently perhaps, added to it. Did I say whiff of hypocrisy? I should have said 'stench'.

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FC United revel in their rebel blueprint, David Conn, The Guardian, 27/5/15

A few years back I blogged on the creation of FC United of Manchester, musing on the revolutionary potential of such an audacious development. A few years hence and I'm proud to announce that that potential is starting to materialise. And it is fitting that in the very week that FIFA looks set to implode under the strain of systemic graft and corruption, it is truly inspiring to see this community based venture bringing back some integrity into the sporting arena. But it is more than community integrity that is at stake. What FC United reveals, perhaps even to the surprise of their own supporters, is that there are ways of organising human affairs that don't rely entirely on the motivation of money and the myopic greed of the so-called free market. And that human endeavour can be rewarding simply for the intrinsic pleasure of the activity itself, be it in the sporting, artistic or economic fields. If there was ever a germ of a communistic future, unsullied by stultifying state bureaucracy or the corruption of the capitalist market, then FC United is it. 

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