Government to Measure Happiness!

There is very probably no pre-ordained purpose to human existence at all. In fact, we should only use the word, probably out of deference to the principle of scientific scepticism. On a day to day basis we should have absolutely no truck with any manner of primitive obscurantist superstitions that pass for modern day religious belief. The word probably does not come into the equation.

The world is round and orbits the sun and was formed some 5 billion years ago. It is part of a much, much larger universe which exploded into physical being some 13.7 billion years ago. We can actually measure the radiation from that explosion today! The Earth is not flat, neither is it at the centre of the universe, as the self-appointed high priests tried to dictate for centuries. Nor was the Earth formed twelve thousand years ago, in six days, by an omniscient creator, whereby dinosaurs and humans wandered around together in some imagined Garden of Eden; a ludicrous and childlike concept that our modern high priests are still labouring to sell us. There are no prophets from god, nor sons of god because there are no gods, other than those created by highly manipulative people to fill the minds of primitive and frightened people.

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Olympic Legacy: Going, Going, Gone

I've been trying to think if there are any positives to the thirteen years of Labour Party government. The negatives are all too obvious. I suppose there was Sure Start, which bravely attempted to break the cycle of deprivation and low aspiration. Then there was devolution which, as Europe becomes inevitably more of a centralised authority, was a definite step in the democratic direction. The minimum wage, paltry as it is, and feebly enforced as it, again was a tiny but significant step in the direction away from workplace exploitation.

And rarely acknowledged, but socially useful all the same, was the Labour administration's efforts to resurrect school sport via, amongst other things, the school- sport partnerships. Along with sport colleges and community coaching programmes, Britain took a few brave steps towards its European partners in terms of school and community sports provision. Well, it's all gone now!

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Dear Gordon Brown,

I acknowledge your bland response to the Olympic Legacy e-petition. I doubt you would be surprised to hear that the response has not been enthusiastically received. Might I humbly offer some simple suggestions on how the UK might substantially increase its financial contribution to both elite and community sports, not to mention the health, education and the housing programmes.

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Olympiclegacy - epetition response

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure adequate funding for those Olympic sports for which UK Sport has not so far confirmed details.

Details of Petition:

The Olympics must provide a legacy for future generations. Although medals are important, legacy is more important. Some of the sports which are currently in limbo have a real chance of contributing to that legacy at low cost - volleyball and handball are good examples. Squad players have put their careers and lives 'on hold' in order to commit to the required training regime. They have committed themselves wholeheartedly and the government should ensure that they and UK Sport also commit. These players realise that the glory of medals will probably not be theirs, but they are trying to give something to the community - surely something that is worthy of support in these difficult times. Funding is currently centred on those sports which already gain the greatest publicity and who therefore already have the best chance of finding private sponsorship. The legacy we need can be best served by helping those less publicised sports which show commitment and focus, together with the potential for community benefit.'

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Football Old Farts

We've seen where it leads in the financial world. Light touch regulation, the catch phrase for the Blair/ Brown Labour administration for the past twelve years, has seen the so called Masters of the Universe plunder us mere mortals for all they could, and in the process very nearly bringing the entire rotten edifice crashing to the ground.

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