This week the BNP were themselves a type of sport whereby the political class argued bitterly over whether to allow this nasty little fascist grouping to have prime time TV exposure or whether a blanket ban should starve them of publicity.

Nobody is quite clear who won that game. Was it victory to the BNP, who claim to have had their best ever recruiting week in their miserable little history, or was it a comprehensive win for the forces of light over the forces of darkness. The next general election will help decide that one,  What is certain, is that nobody from our respectable political classes is owning up to being responsible for the one million people being on the housing waiting list or the millions of young people who have been denied the chance of an apprenticeship or any type of meaningful work. Nor do they own up to their complicity to the constant drip drip drip of xenophobia that emanates from our gutter tabloid press.  Nor do they speak of their direct support for religious schools and the obvious separatist tendencies this creates in society. It is these types of appalling failures, perpetuated by successive governments, that create the fertile breeding ground for fascist recruitment. Had the money squandered on illegal foreign wars been properly directed at Britain’s crumbling social and economic infrastructure, then the BNP would still be a club for a handful of disaffected losers rather than a party now attracting in excess of a million votes.


So what can we surmise would be the fate of sport in a fascist run Britain? Well we know from the past that fascist regimes have been only too willing to harness the power of sport for their own nefarious purposes; the most famous being the Nazi run 1936 Berlin Olympics. But with athletes of non Aryan descent excelling in so many sporting endeavours, the racial supremacists would be on slim pickings. Most British athletic events, along with Premier League Football, Cricket, Boxing and even my beloved Table Tennis would have to be outlawed rather than give non Aryans a platform to show their sporting supremacy. British, or should I say English fascists, would have to get used to a very different looking England football team and any hopes of world cup glory would have to take a dramatic dive. If Premier League football did survive a fascist government, then English football could wave goodbye to any future Champions League success, so many of the Premier League stars being of the wrong colour, religion or race. Furthermore, gay athletes need not apply in a BNP run Britain.


Of course, the BNP does exist in the here and now and they are actively recruiting in our football grounds every week. As the economic situation worsens so their prospects are enhanced. Organising under the banner of the English Defence League and a linked group called Casuals United as opposed to directly organising under the BNP banner, these fascist elements are looking to gain popular support by organising protests against ‘Islamic extremism’. Writing in The Guardian, Robert Booth and Sam Jones report, ‘Casuals United are gathering football supporters to support the cause. Quoting Trevor Kelway, the EDL spokesman, we are informed, ‘Football supporters are patriotic and they will stand their ground if it comes to it’. Quoting Weyman Bennett, the joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, we further learn, ‘…the recruitment drive reflected a two pronged approach: winning voters but also finding footsoldiers in football stadiums to march in demonstrations. They want the numbers and they want the people who will fight. They’re trying to recruit on the terraces because that’s where the fascist organisations in Eastern Europe recruit. It’s an embryonic movement at the moment over here and we want to stop it growing. They want an explosion over the summer that will help the BNP.’


The idiocy of any nation, in a globally integrated world, attempting to create an ethnically ‘pure’ population is plain for anyone to see. Anyway, the very idea of an ethnically pure society is a complete nonsense. Take England as a perfect example. There is no such thing, contrary to Mr Griffin and his boneheads, as an ethnically pure English person. The British population, like all nations, consists of wave after wave of invaders and settlers dating back to the dawn of Homo sapiens. In our case, Britain was settled initially by the Beaker People who arrived from central Europe followed by the Celts who were, it is thought, from Southern Europe but perhaps originally from Indian or African stock. This migration from Europe and beyond repeated itself over many thousands of years until the British Isles was populated by a host of warring tribes who in time became to be considered the indigenous people of Britain. That was soon to change when, just over two thousand years ago,  the Romans arrived. Their army consisted of soldiers drawn from across the Roman Empire, many of whom were Black Africans, and some of whom, modern DNA science now informs us, settled here and are in fact, the ancestors of families who wrongly believe themselves to be solely of European origin.


After the Romans came the Vikings to the northern parts and the Angles, Jutes and Saxons to the south west and east, all of whom were eventually replaced as rulers by the Normans, who themselves were of Scandinavian origin and not French as we were originally taught in school. The glorious Anglo-Saxon heritage that the BNP love to trumpet about is, in fact, our German and Danish masters of old, and not from these islands at all. Furthermore, we cannot really talk of an English nation until the arrival of the Normans who, through extreme barbarity, welded the northern and southern parts of this island into a single entity which we now refer to as England. The very word ‘England’ derives directly from the earlier Angle invaders,  ‘England’ being a derivative of Angle Land.


After the Normans, the British Isles attracted countless waves of people seeking shelter from more turbulent places and each of these waves of immigrants have, over time, become part and parcel of the fabric of England. No one can claim to be pure English because such a person does not exist. I wonder how many of the BNP supporters would like to submit themselves to a thorough examination of their family tree. They may be unpleasantly surprised about what turns up! (If you want to give a BNP supporter a useful Christmas present I could suggest no better than a copy of Robert Winder’s, Bloody Foreigners, an outstanding account of immigration into Britain over the past twenty five thousand years.)    


Every country has a similar history of invasion, immigration and settlement, the United States being the most celebrated case, and when all is said and done, we are all, it is widely accepted, descended from Africa, a concept that our racial supremacists prefer to ignore. There is only one race of course and that is the human race, and as our problems become ever more glaringly global, we will have to find global solutions. The nation state is increasingly irrelevant in terms of what needs to be done and so are racist organisations like the BNP.            


End JPK 24/10/09