Shoot the stray dogs and lock up the gays

We're playing FIFA’s Russian Roulette.

Vilify those who dare criticise

It’s the World Cup we’ll never forget.


Monkey chants ring out from the stadia

We’re enjoying FIFA’s Russian Roulette

Unleash the thugs with their fascist regalia

It’s the World Cup we can hardly forget.


Building white elephants with oil and gas from the ground

We’re hooked into FIFA’s Russian Roulette

With a crumbling social system and poverty all around

Lenin’s dreams all too easy to forget.


Russian Oligarchs strutting the planet at will

We’re logged into FIFA’s Russian Roulette’

Russia’s new imperial gangsters at the top of the hill

It’s a World Cup we would rather forget.


While NATO generals are provoking the Russian bear

We’re all playing FIFA’s Russian Roulette

A third world war is ready any time that we dare

This might be a World Cup we would love to forget.


The nukes are all primed with the maniacs in charge

So much fun playing Russian Roulette.

One tiny spark but the stakes are so large

But the football will help us forget.


End JPK Copyright. 13/6/18

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