Brexit, Brexit from May to December

Brexit scheming is all I remember

Productivity rising, trade flat-lining

A time for cheering  a time for crying.


Brexit, Brexit from Monday to Sunday

Brexit plotting for a pumped-up payday

Opportunities opening, trade doors slamming

The predictions are rosy, the forecasts are damning.


Brexit, Brexit from dawn to dusk

Brexit negotiations with Barnier and Tusk

Sovereignty enhanced, splendid isolation

Defy the experts for a brand new sensation.

Brexit, Brexit cramming my dreams

Brexit machinations in a thousand themes

A trade deal is imminent, blue sky thinking

The nation is rising, Britannia is sinking.


Brexit, Brexit infecting my subconscious

A Freudian nightmare featuring Pilate Pontius

The arguments are complex, the situation contradictory

The speeches stultifying, the oration valedictory.

A red Brexit for JC, a blue one for the Tories

A green Brexit for Gove if you can believe all his stories

There's a Brexit for the rich and one for the poor

Take your choice now, it's a multi-coloured door.

Brexit Brexit, democracy is coming

Brexit at last, I can hear the birds humming

The European nightmare is finally over

I'm singing my heart out on the white cliffs of Dover.

Brexit, Brexit bolt up my door

Brexit tantrums, I can't take any more

I want to return to the status quo

But they keep telling me that Brexit is the Greatest show


A magnificent opera of splendid proportions

A Brexit production marred by some minor distortions

My mind is made up, I have absolutely no doubt

Is this Britain's greatest victory or a self-inflicted rout?

End JPK Copyright 6/1/18

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