Iím shooting from the hip

Iím shooting with red hot lead

Iím shooting at the passers-by

Iím shooting till theyíre dead.

Iím shooting from the rooftop

Iím shooting Ďem in their beds

Iím shooting up my local school

Iím aiming for their heads.


Shooting is absolutely great, itís the all-American way

Shooting young Afro-Americans, I do it every day

Shooting the Native Americans, it really had to be done

Shooting and a lynching, itís really so much fun.

Iím shooting to defend my country

Iím shooting to keep out the reds

Iím shooting to make America great again

Iím shooting to roll back the dirty Feds.

Shooting up the town in the name of Jesus

Shooting Ďcause I love to hate

Shooting in the name of the angels

Shooting against a global caliphate.

Shooting Ďcause Iím feeling lonely

Shooting Ďcause Iím out of control

Shooting Ďcause Iím fighting for freedom

Shooting Ďcause they kicked me off the dole.

Shooting is hunky dory, itís my god-given constitutional right

Shooting like in the movies, everybodyís invited to fight

Shooting to defend my honour, like the days of the old wild west

Shooting to bring back the glory days, donít argue, the NRA knows best.

Itís Monday so Iíll go on a killing spree

Itís Tuesday so the children will have to die

Itís Wednesday so Iíll get my automatic

Itís bloody Thurday but donít ask me why.

Itís Friday so itís time to go hunting

Itís Saturday so thereíll be blood on the streets

Its Sunday, itís the peaceful Holy day

What better time to let the bastards feel the heat.

Iím shooting to get closer to heaven

Iím shooting to defend my space

Iím shooting to keep out Ďthe otherí

Iím shooting to defend my race.

Iím shooting to kill my whole family

My mother and father must go

My wife and my children lay bleeding

There really is no better show.

Iím shooting at the statue of Liberty

Iím shooting with the flag in my hand

Iím shooting for the sheer hell of it

Iím shooting whilst they strike up the band.

Iím shooting to defend my President

Iím shooting across the US of A

Iím shooting till I run out of ammo

Iím shooting down the Trumpian way.

Iím shooting till I take one for my country

Iím shooting till my last dying day

Iím shooting till I fade into oblivion

Living and dying the true Yankee way.

End JPK Copyright, 5/10/17

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