They've been talking about a statue for Mrs Thatcher

Remember her they called her both the Iron Lady and the school milk snatcher

Remember her she said this lady isn't for turning

Hold on a moment, is that the sickening smell of something burning?

She's the one who said there is no such thing as Society.

Just balance the books, hard work and sobriety

Remember her  she ordered the destruction of the Belgrano as it was turning

Just a second, is that the sickening smell of conscript sailors burning?


Margaret was a real enthusiast for the Chicago School of Economics

You can't buck the markets said Thatcherism and Reganomics

The market must determine everything from health care, housing and children's learning

But wait, is that the terrifying smell of a tower block burning?


The Lady was invincible, thought the devoted fans of Mrs Thatcher

But her Poll Tax debacle was so inept her own Tory Party had to sack her.

Her greatest legacy was to be Tory Tony Blair and his New Labour

Just one more politician who thought the unregulated market would be the nation's saviour.

Oh, I remember - he who laid waste to Iraq whilst the US military corporates increased their earnings

And ten years on there is still the chaos and the slaughter and the burnings.


Margaret Thatcher deserves a monument for her forty wasted years of ruthless neo-liberalism

Where everything is turned into a commodity and society is torn apart by a neo- fascist corporatism.


Do you remember the post-war settlement where housing, health and education were meant to be developed as a human right?

Let the burnt-out Grenfell Tower be a monument to Thatcherism and it viscous corporate blight.

We will all remember the sordid profiteering that led to that awful night of human burning

And that burnt out monument will be a permanent reminder of how the capitalist markets stifle basic human yearning. 

We will remember Thatcher and New Labour even though our minds and stomachs are still churning

And we will demand justice and a New Deal with a passion and an anger and a righteous red hot burning.

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