I don't think Jeremy Corbyn has ever publicly uttered these words but he may well have thought them on numerous occasions. In fact, it was FDR way back in the 1930's, who is reported to have coined this phrase in response to the vitriolic attacks on him for daring to confront the US capitalists with his New Deal. Corbyn's Labour manifesto is a sort of British New Deal and the owners of both British and foreign Capital hate it with a passion. And the corporate owners of the British Tory press are virtually foaming at the mouth with their own never ceasing vitriolic attacks. Even the so-called liberal media, the BBC, Channel 4 and the Guardian and Independent newspapers can barely disguise their contempt. And the least said about Jeremy Paxman the better.

I blogged some months ago that I thought Jeremy Corbyn was winning. By this I meant that his radical agenda had dragged the entire political discussion to the left. Those sorry days of New Labour, with their pitiful attempts to compromise with global capital, were fading into the history books. Corbyn and his team have done their jobs. He has created a clear choice for the British electorate. A clear choice between the unregulated capitalist market and a tightly regulated capitalism that in places starts to morph into a socialist economy. There are even aspects of Corbyn's programme turning up in the Tory and UKIP manifestos.

Corbyn's is clearly the most radical manifesto since 1945 and the establishment of the Welfare State. It's not revolutionary in the sense that it does not advocate the wholesale expropriation of the expropriators. The manifesto does not go that far. Nor could it. But there is reference to the renationalisation of the railways and parts of the energy sector. There is also talk of a Government run investment bank which could help channel capital into much needed social infrastructure. Bold steps in the right direction. Not revolutionary but certainly radical in every respect particularly when viewed in the context of the neo-liberal global agenda. Only a Bernie Saunders Presidency could have hoped to match the courage and scope of this manifesto.

That all wings of the British media are so unambiguously opposed to Corbyn's policies is a good thing. If they weren't foaming at the mouth then you would know the thing lacked teeth. When Tony Blair burst onto the political scene Murdoch was delighted. Blair was offering a revamped capitalism free from some of the old Tory prejudices. Murdoch's empire was to be left intact and free to expand. Global capital was safe in Blair's hands. But with Corbyn there is a clear and present danger. Capital hates his manifesto and the Tory press reflects that hatred. Corbyn should welcome their hatred safe in the knowledge that he is, like he has always been, on the right side of history.

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