Iíve been reading Yuval Harariís Homo Deus- every line

And itís got me thinking and a fretting about the future of mankind

Iíve been thinking that maybe we humans have truly passed our prime

And that Artificial intelligence is going to leave us humans far behind.

Algorithms clogging up my brain

Algorithms monitoring my pain

Algorithms calculating gain

Algorithms trying to keep me sane.

My computer is a wonder -it is far smarter than you and I

It computes my bio-rhythms at the blinking of an eye

It whips me at the chess board no matter how I try

And itís even taken to predicting the very day I die.

Now the computers are getting Bolshie Ė they are starting to combine

ĎTo improve my daily life-styleí - which I think is absolutely fine

They do the daily chores in a fraction of the time

Theyíve even taken to writing poetry with an amazing sense of rhyme.

Algorithms telling me what to read

Algorithms warning me what to heed

Algorithms manipulating human greed

Algorithms anticipating my every need.

Please forgive me if I sound a little tetchy and maybe just a little self-important

But I must confess to one and all of feeling just a tiny tad redundant

When I compare myself to the coming world of artificial intelligence

My brain seems so totally useless and so utterly insignificant.

Algorithms tracking my every move

Algorithms keeping me in the groove

Algorithms predicting if Iíll win or loose

Algorithms leaving me with nothing left to prove.

David Bowie that once told us to make way for Homo Superior

That we Homo Sapiens are now outmoded and totally inferior

Each day the final hours of we humans seem to encroach that little nearer

And the coming era of intelligent robots could not be any clearer.

So Iíve finally decided to accept my fate with good grace and equanimity

And just let my atoms and my consciousness float off into the deep and dark infinity

Because when I study the endless cruelty towards our fragile bio-diversity

I must reluctantly conclude that our demise will be no earth-shattering calamity.

Algorithms controlling my every thought

Algorithms negating all that Iíve been taught

Algorithms annulling the future that I sought

Algorithms eroding my humanity down to nought.

End JPK Copyright, 18/3/17

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