Despite those stirring, noble words from Theresa May in her first twenty-four hours, Prime Minister May has gone on to shown her true corporate colours. Prime Minister May has consistently backed the corporate interest over and above the interests of the country and its citizens. May, with her promise to reinstate Grammar Schools and the debilitating selection that goes with them, started off badly and has proceeded to go from bad to worse. In fact, so reactionary has her record been so far, she has almost succeeded in making her predecessor look like a social reformer. Almost. In virtually every decision she has made, she has backed the global corporates over and above the public good. May's administration is shaping up to be every bit as reactionary as the Thatcherite governments that preceded her.

First up was May's total capitulation to the food corporates. Refusing to legislate against the food industry, all of whom insist in poisoning our food with deadly concentrations of salt, sugar and fats, May opted instead for a softly, softly approach. If we all just talk nicely and reasonably to these criminally negligent global conglomerates they will see the light and mend their criminal ways. Fat chance! Obesity and the resulting diabetes epidemic is well on the way to bankrupting the NHS, but still May reuses to legislate. This, despite every health expert in the country telling her she must do exactly that. Of course, for the cynics amongst us, a bankrupted NHs is all the easier to privatise a few short years down the line.

Second up was May's capitulation to the fossil fuel industry. With almost no investigation or debate, May has decided to back fracking while at the same time cutting back on subsidies to the fledgling renewable industries, flying in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that tells us we must now leave all new carbon emitting fossil fuels in the only place where they are safe  in the ground. But Prime Minister May, in full Tory mode, will only listen to corporate interests. Climate change is simply not on her agenda.

Third up, and closely related to the second corporate capitulation, is May's nod to the nuclear industry. Notwithstanding the fact that EDF, the French company designated to build Britain's new Nuclear power station at Hinckley Point, is up to its ears in bad debt and plagued with safety issues at its own nuclear plants, May has arrogantly decided to steam ahead with a project that everybody in the British energy industry knows to be absolutely crap by every conceivable criteria. Once again, instead of ploughing the nation's scarce resources and skills into the non-polluting renewable industries, May has opted for a nuclear plant that is fraught with environmental and financial difficulties. But the nuclear industry, despite the warnings from Fukushima , is not to be denied.

Hot on the heals of fracking and nuclear power stations comes Heathrow airport expansion. Huge swathes of West London are already blighted with unbreathable air and unbearable noise and congestion, but May has given the green light for another quarter of a million flights to add to the toxic mix. Expanding Heathrow will simply make a bad situation worse. Much worse. Airport expansion flies in the face of Britain's Paris commitments to reduce its carbon emissions, but the corporate interests that control Heathrow airport are not, it seems, to be denied. The residents of West London can go to hell as can the democratically elected Mayor, local MPs and local councils. And as for those Paris commitments, they are of absolutely no interest to our new PM.

Whilst all this corporate infrastructure has been given the government nod and capturing the headlines in the process, it transpires that our new PM has been secretly meeting with a one Rupert Murdoch whilst she was supposedly on UN business in New York. Nothing it seems has been learnt from the previous debacles the ensued when governments get too close to the corporate media a criminal one in this case.

And would you believe, at the time of writing, PM May has just established a secret understanding with Nissan in order to keep this corporate car maker on board. No doubt all sorts of promises were made about tax and subsidies. Brexit really is going to be a race to the bottom.

So, in barely 100 days, Theresa May has been found to be firmly in the clutches of the international corporates, including fossil and nuclear fuel industries, the global food, car and media corporates, and the financial capitalists that control Heathrow airport. Not a bad three month's work by our new PM. No doubt about it, post Brexit Britain is definitely open for business, none of which is likely to do the slightest bit of good to our planet and its citizens. But the major corporate shareholders are rubbing their hands.

Another five years of this and the entire Welfare State will be dismantled and handed over to the tax evading corporate giants. Poor old Daniel Blake will be turning in his grave. And as for those fine sounding platitudes about an inclusive government, well that is proving to be just so much Tory spin. Smoke and mirrors, as Mr Corbyn would say.

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