Apparently today at the Labour Conference, Jeremy Corbyn was defeated in his effort to ban nuclear trident weapons. The reason so I read, is because unions say it will threaten jobs. Now I understand that these are difficult times - no one wants to lose there job,  particularly in the midst of an on going global recession. But when your job is building nuclear weapons, common sense and the greater good must prevail.

Right now in Fukishima, Japan, there is devastating, nuclear fall-out at catastrophic levels, fall-out that which will pollute our planet for the next one hundred years! It is producing a greater level of radioactive devastation than Chernobyl! This radioactive fall-out is entering both the oceans and the land and will, in time, be consumed by people all over the world  a small detail the pro-nuclear big business elite would rather you didn't know about. The scale of this radioactive fall-out is devastating for all theglobal eco-systems . Why is this not on the front page of every newspaper? I think we know the answer to that one! Trident sales are worth billions and nuclear arms dealers don't want negative headlines to disrupt their 'business as usual'.


Here's what I think may happen in Japan. Just as in Vietnam and Cambodia, which both suffered saturation bombing by the United States with lethal gases and toxins causing wide spread deformities in children even now, thirty years later, future generations in Japan will have to live with the repercussions of the nuclear meltdown in Fukishima. Of course, the nuclear industry will deny any responsibility. And the countries who have nuclear reactors will deny responsibility and the governments selling nuclear weapons and reactors will deny responsibility. And of course, their corporate friends in the media will provide the necessary cover-up.


Nuclear contamination ends up in the fish, the meat and all agricultural produce that we eat. And it contaminates the water that we drink. The nuclear weapons that Jeremy Corbyn is so determined to rid us of, will, if ever used again, create such levels of contamination that the very survival of humanity will be called into question.

I will end the same way I started. Jeremy Corby was DEFEATED in his effort to ban trident nuclear missiles! Such a defeat at the hands of supposedly progressive people reminds us of the words of John Lennon: this world is run by insane people with insane objectives.


Raan Oosha

Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 May 2018 17:31 )