Blair and Bush led the West to an illegal war against Iraq

And a quarter of a million Iraqis directly perished in the inferno.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is deemed to be the criminal

And their attacks on him continue, both direct and subliminal.


Anglo Saxon banks both sides of the pond recklessly speculated with our money

And tens of millions subsequently lost their homes and livelihoods.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is deemed to be the criminal

And his policies are declared dangerous and abominable.

Successive governments have prevaricated on building affordable homes

Creating a housing crisis of horrendous proportions.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is deemed to be the bad guy

As the waiting lists grow longer and the rents go sky high.


Rupert Murdoch created a global criminal media empire

Illegally hacking phones and bribing police officers and politician along the way.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is branded the criminal

While News International's sanctions have been both tokenistic and quite minimal.


HSBC led the way in global money laundering

Making a mockery of Britain's claims to uphold legality and democracy.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is deemed to be the criminal

Though his Keynesian economic solutions are really quite believable.


Successive Tory and Labour governments have presided over growing levels of inequality

Forcing families to resort to food banks and the rapacious pay day loan sharks.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is branded the criminal

While for millions in Tory Britain, life is becoming intolerable.


The world, East and West, is mired in corruption, xenophobia and petty tribalisms

Relentlessly subjugating women to the ravages of a violent patriarchy.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is condemned as a throwback to an earlier era

While under neo-liberalism, the universal liberation of women seems to gets no nearer. 


British colonialists have had their fingers in virtually every civil war on the planet

Creating a human wave of misery and forced migration.

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is hailed as the new devil

While the much heralded new world order starts to dangerously unravel.


Global corporatism has pushed the world to the brink of an environmental Armageddon

The rivers and seas are dying and the air is increasingly unbreathable.

Yet Jeremy Corby is hailed as a monster and a criminal

Though many of his solutions are both common sense and quite original.


The British establishment are up to their necks in corporate kickbacks and skulduggery

With their dubiously acquired money squirreled away in secretive off shore tax havens

Yet Jeremy Corbyn is lambasted as a Trotskyite criminal

And the attacks against him grow ever more lurid and fantastical.


Suddenly Britain is faced with a choice between a poverty creating austerity

And an economic programme of growth and prosperity.

But Jeremy Corbyn, who is ridiculed as a naive radical

Is proposing a programme that is eminently deliverable

And to block them would surely be absolutely criminal.


End JPK Copyright, 27/9/15

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