Teflon Tony thinks he's got it all wrong. Conservatives think he's dangerous. The Labour establishment are mortally afraid of him. The Lib Dems conspire to belittle him. Those political elite types, straight from university having never held a real job, are campaigning against him. The mainstream press are digging the dirt on him. The BBC are trying to trip him up on every interview. Across the ocean, the bastion of political hypocrisy, are routinely denouncing him. And of course the landed and knighted gentry in this green and pleasant land are quaking in their designer boots.

Jeremy Corbyn is obviously doing something right! Just marvel at how the establishment tremble when someone even dares to suggest that politics might serve the common people as opposed to big business. A few words of warning for you Mr Corbyn. Be aware! This is just the first throw of the dice from the establishment. They haven't really started yet. Their bank accounts are limitless. Their morals are as flexible as snakes. Their devious machinations have no bounds. They have the empathy of psychopaths. Their blunted consciences suffer no guilt.

Mr Corbyn, if you do even half of what you say you will do, from every corner they will conspire to undermine, ridicule, and cheat you. They will dig up any dirt from your past in order to use against you. And if you are really delivering on your agenda, watch out for that lone assassin who on one frosty morning will make his way inexplicitly past your security staff ( many of whom just happen to be off work that day) past the security cameras (that just happen not to be working that day) who will deliver a lethal shot to you and your programme on the very day that medical aid is unavailable because the hospitals are tied up with a terrorist training drill.

Jeremy Corbyn. Do what you can with what you have and remember the words og Ghandi.

First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

Then they fight you.

Then you win.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 May 2018 17:34 )