The distinction between refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants

Is as repulsive as racism itself.

The very essence of humanity is migration

Nobody wants to be left on the shelf.


Our descendants all originally migrated from Africa

In search of food and a safer place to live

Those that would make criminals out of migrants

Commit a crime that is impossible to forgive.

At the core of every new wave of migration

Is scarcity and oppression and war.

And if the West insists on occupying other nations

Expect a few more million to be knocking on the door.


Of course the solution to this seemingly intractable dilemma

Is global governance with equality at its core

A restructuring of the entire global system

That extracts profit out of the misery of the poor.


So beware of politicians with glib solutions

Who seek to demonise and humiliate our fellow man

And beware of the newspaper headlines

Who pander to the prejudices and fears of the common man.


Remember that every nation is made up entirely of migrants

And the USA is the most cosmopolitan of them all

And without the continued renewal by migration

All nations are destined to fall.


End JPK Copyright 13/9/15

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