We are told that Churchill was our greatest all-time leader

Inspiring the nation to combat the marauding Nazi hoards

But the post war British voters soon sent Churchill packing

And put the Labour Party in charge of the Westminster board.


The pre-war years in Britain were a living nightmare

Of unemployment and hunger and despair

So having seen off Hitler's fascist armies

The British workers demanded something profoundly more fair.


There was still respect for Churchill's war-time leadership

But his Tory domestic policies were simply beyond the pale

It was Clem Attlee's welfare state that workers demanded

A national Health Service that was not up for sale.


Of course the medical profession was largely against it

Fearing they would lose their profitable hold

So the Labour Government was forced to compromise

By stuffing the BMA's greedy mouths full of gold.


Despite Britain's entrenched system of privilege

The National Health Service was soon on a winning roll

And even the Tories were forced to nurture it

When they returned to govern at the next poll.


But then came the Thatcherite counter-revolution

Where the free market was hailed as the new god

And the nationalised industries were one by one privatised

These Chicago School devotees just didn't give a sod.


But The National Health Service was so dearly cherished

That the stampede for privatised wealth

Was temporarily halted by an upsurge of public anger

So the privatisation would have to proceed by stealth.


Blair's New Labour was hugely incriminated

By introducing the Public-Private Initiative scam

Whereby private corporations would part fund new buildings

Which would prove to be a costly breech in the dam.


And while we were busy bombing the Iraqis and the Afghans

And becoming preoccupied with the facile war on terror

We took our eyes off the corporate manoeuvring

And that may well prove to be a game changing error.


For under the guise of a more efficient health service

The corporate sector now has a toe in the door

And it doesn't take a Karl Marx or Albert Einstein

To see it will now be quite different for the rich and the poor.


There will still be a national health service

But the wealthy will choose to opt out

And the remaining service will become fatally underfunded

Thereby losing its all-encompassing clout.


Piece by piece will be farmed out to the private sector

It's already started with the catering and cleaning

And now some clinical services are being put out for tender

Soon the national health service will have a totally different meaning.


The moral of this story is quite obvious

The folly of squeezing profit out of the public domain

And the urgency of reclaiming our public utilities

Before the post war settlement is finally washed down the drain.

We've seen that the unregulated capitalist market

Has caused the global economy and its workforce so much pain

Now is the moment to recalibrate

And put human welfare before corporate gain.

And we must be resolute in our defence of our public health service

Knowing that the bloody corporate vultures will be circling again and again and again.


End JPK Copyright 3/5/15

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