From the humblest sub-atomic particle

To the entirety of the Universe itself

A remorseless struggle of opposites

Creating unity by infinite stealth.

Centripetal and centrifugal forces

Struggling through the eons of time

Stability just a momentary illusion

Perfection just an illusionary crime.

The attraction and repulsion of opposites

In both the physical and philosophical world

Creating an awful yet awesome predicament

A universe of opposites unfurled.

Quantitative and qualitative changes

interacting and intermingling like twine

As relentless as the heartbeat of any living creature

As beautiful as a well-constructed rhyme


It’s the clash between the positive and the negative

It’s the clash between the familiar and the strange

It’s the clash between appearance and essence

It’s the clash between permanency and change.


It’s the struggle between the individual and the tribe

It’s the struggle between how to live and how to die

It’s the struggle between competition and cooperation

It’s the struggle between the answer and the question why.


It’s the contradiction between empathy and not caring

It’s the contradiction between altruism and self

It’s the contradiction between charity and egoism

It’s the contradiction between communal and private wealth.


We are caught in the never-ending battle of gender

And we are caught between the old and the new

Fight or flight is an ongoing dilemma

As is the battle between the false and the true. 

It’s the struggle between the individual and the collective

It’s the war between relative truths

Trapped between the subjective and the objective

Winning and losing is but an ephemeral ruse.


Change is the only kind of permanency

 In a cosmos where chaos always rules

Seeking purpose in a purposeless universe

Is the business of the most intelligent of fools.


The dialectic is a humourless master

It’s as uncaring as a cold lump of clay

Its domain is omnipotent and omniscient

It controls even the transition of night over day.


The dialectic permeates every single molecule

It presides over every single thought

It resides over the conscious and subconscious

It underlines all that is taught.


Contradictions are the pervasive condition

Between individuals  and social classes

Unravelling of these contradictions is essential

To discard those rose tinted glasses.


But if I’ve given the impression of a fatalism

Where things are determined from above and beyond

Then I must correct that impression immediately

Because human consciousness can increasingly respond

To the reality of an unfolding universe

 Who’s laws are just beginning to emerge

 Where a grasp of the dialectic is essential

If the disparate trends are ever to converge

Into a tapestry of mindboggling beauty

Where we humans are both actor and prop

It’s a picture of an infinitely complex universe

Where the dialectic refuses to stop.


So if you’re ever asked just what it is that you believe in

If you’re asked what is your most basic of creeds

Then be sure to eschew dogmatic formulae

 Dialectical thinking should satisfy all your needs.

For it will unravel the mysteries of the universe

It will illuminate the most unfathomable place

Dialectics is the natural interface of all phenomena

The greatest discovery of the entire human race. 


End JPK Copyright 14/3/15

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