Most born into poverty, a few born into wealth.

Bizarrely the wealthy get wealthier through cunning and through stealth.

Rich kids flying high, backed up by daddy and mummy,

Everybody knows that money goes to money.

The whole rotten edifice is skewed in their favour,

The servant class condemned to endless toil with just religion for their saviour.

Stultifying poverty, breaking hope and breaking health.


A life of modern day slavery, no time to develop one's self.



Austerity is the latest buzz word, delivered down from on high.

Take your deadly dose of austerity then it'll be pie in the sky when you die.

Rich kids making out, a life like golden honey,

Everybody knows that money goes to money.

The whole stinking system is stacked against the poor

Zero hour contracts, bailiffs smashing down the door.

Too exhausted to question the system, too tired to question why,

Forced to swallow more propaganda even though you know it to be a lie.


We're all in this together, it's the oldest trick in the book,

Sky high rents and mortgages, they've got us by the hook.

A dose of painful austerity then everything will be sunny,

Everybody knows that money goes to money.

The system is stacked against us from the cradle to the grave,

They pay us poverty wages then tell us we have to save.

They hound the benefit claimants while bailing the banker crooks.

And the corporates continue to rob us whichever way we look.


Do I see tiny signs of rebellion emerging from the earth?

Individuals and collectives fighting back for all they're worth.

Tax avoidance, tax evasion, tax havens just aren't funny,

Everybody knows that money goes to money.

The entire capitalist system is hotwired to boom and burn,

Capital forever moving to the point of highest return.

Now Syriza and Podemos bring a touch of hope and mirth,

Who was it that once said  the meek shall inherit the Earth?


End JPK Copyright 24/1/15

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