I donít want to fly no Union Jack

It donít mean nothing to me.

And I donít want to fly no Cross of St George

Xenophobia ainít never gonna set us free.

The European Union is a step in the right direction

An attempt at regional cooperation, as far as I can see.

But Iíd like to see an expanded Eurasian Federation,

From the Atlantic to the Caspian Sea.

Iím trying to think globally not nationally

The nation state belongs to the nineteenth century.

Iím trying to imagine a world without borders,

Where we can celebrate our common ancestry.

Iím blogging for a new internationalism

That creates a human hive for us ten billion bees.

Iím pining for a new sort of globalisation

That creates a forest out of ten billion atomised trees.

Iím thinking about the big planet-wide problems

Of global warming and entrenched poverty.

Iím reflecting on the state of our species

And our seeming indifference to inequality


On all of this UKIP will say nothing,

Itís the same for the political big three.

They tinker with a burnt out capitalism,

A blinkered vision Ė a failure to see.

That our world is totally interconnected

Like the branches of a giant oak tree

Whoís roots stretch right back to East Africa

Underlining our commonality.

UKIP talk about pride in the nation

They dream of an England immigrant free,

They want barbed wire surrounding the island

And areturn to the old Etonian aristocracy.

But thereís no going back to the empire

Itís as simple as A B C

Thereís no such thing as Ďthe otherí,

My neighbour is exactly the same as me.

I find it difficult to relate to a nation

Itís the cities they allow us just to be,

Free from national borders and bigotries

Where cooperation is always the key.

The political elite in most nations

Are too dishonest or too stupid to see

That the global corporations have all the power

They have no need for national policies.

Corporations scour the planet for cheap labour

And tax havens to which we are forced to agree.

This is no way to run our planet

Itís tantamount to a capitalist plutocracy.

But new technologies provide the possibilities

Of creating a new demos Ė ocracy.

Avaaz is a far-sighted experiment

To tackle the power of the Oligarchies.

But the key to a higher level of organisation

Is glaringly obvious to see.

Itís the return of collective forms of ownership

Without which we can never even dream to be free.

The flag that I insist on hoisting

Must transcend race, religion and national idiocy,

It must be definitively inclusive, not exclusive

Perhaps a rainbow arising from the sea.

Or the red, black and gold of land rights

The flag of the indigenous Aussie

Who could teach us a thing or two about collective ownership,

From a civilisation stretching back to antiquity.

Our current worship and addiction to private ownership

Is nothing but a stunted economic fantasy.

Thereís a nastiness associated with UKIP

A perverted sense of superiority.

They have a whiff of an earlier era

Akin to a neo- fascist ideology.

They masquerade as the voice of the common man

Though their Tory allegiances are easy to see

They pander to a disorientated populous

Who are struggling with a lost identity.

But UKIP have absolutely nothing to offer

In a world linked so internationally.

Itís global governance that is now required

With tight regulation and a clear transparency.

And we had better Occupy that global governance

And develop an accountability

For the wealth that is commonly created

But expropriated so criminally.

And the words inscribed on our banners:

ĎPrivate property will keep us unfreeí.

End JPK Copyright 2/12/14

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