Who are the Scots, who are the Brits?

During days of Empire, a potent mix.

Signing up for the Black and Tans

Killing the Irish with their blood stained hands.


What is the border but an arbitrary line,

Bosses on both sides sipping fine wine.

While the workers either side struggle to survive,

Eking out existence like bees in a hive.

Industry wiped out both sides of the border,

It's cheaper in Asia says the New World Order.

Benefits squeezed, recipients demonised,

Sell us new trinkets, our culture homogenised.


Global capitalism is the name of the game,

No room for sentiment in the new Hall of Fame

Unregulated markets, death to the nation,

Corporate rule is a whole new sensation.


But the Scots are tiring of receiving just crumbs,

And their politicians and citizens have been doing their sums.

Full independence or max devolution,

Either way it's a mini revolution.



Now the Welsh and the Irish and our Friends in the North

May start to awake and plot a new course.

Jobs and houses and a free education,

New Labour betrayed us with its light touch regulation.


But it's no easy matter to break free from the banks,

They own the media and they own the tanks.

Now Scotland must weather the fears and the tears,

Brave Cuba has managed it for the past fifty years.


And beware of Murdoch hovering about,

His media empire still gives him much clout.

He ain't no friend of the common people,

His profits soaring like an ugly great steeple.


And beware of Ireland's race to the bottom

Slashing corporation tax, freedom long forgotten.

In hock to the banks and a property bubble

Selling out to the corporates could only mean trouble.


And beware of Westminster's lies and deceit

They'll promise you anything when you pile on the heat.

They exist for one reason and don't you forget it,

To manage the State for corporate profit.



So my message to the Scots is be brave and be free.

But beware of the sharks in a high choppy sea.

Break one unity and establish another

A united world, brother with brother.

Local democracy is a good place to start,

You daring young Scots give us all much heart.


Remember too, the United Kingdom was only ever a sham

Global Corporations just don't give a damn.

They talk of Nation, Monarchy and God

But the greedy rich bastards just don't give a sod

That the inequality grows by the day

They impoverish us all then tell us to pray

To an imaginary God that lives in the sky

Now the Scots are making them eat humble pie.



End JPK Copyright 16/9/14

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