1. The excellent preparation, construction and delivery of the London Olympics stand in stark contrast to the shambolic attempts of the government to get Britain out of recession.

2. No major sporting or cultural event in the world can now take place without the tainted money of the big corporations.

3. Marginalised Black British immigrants only truly become British when they are up on the Olympic podium, preferably sporting gold medals.

4. British women have dramatically demonstrated their equal status to men in sport ,thus further highlighting the distinct inequality forced on them in the fields of employment, pay and promotion.

5. The proportion of Olympic medals won by privately educated athletes is further reminder of the deeply entrenched class system in Britain.

6. The success of the State educated athletes is proof, should proof be needed, that if the state sector had anywhere near the resources of the private sector, they would be significantly more successful than their privately educated counterparts.

7. The BBC and other national media are incapable of presenting a balanced international commentary of a global sporting event.

8. The abject failure of the G4S security company is further evidence that private companies that are geared exclusively for profit are not fit and proper agents for the delivery of social services, be they in education, health, prisons, police or public security.

9. The government school sport strategy is in tatters and Gove should never have abolished the school-sport partnerships or the ring-fenced cash that went with them. There is no grass roots sporting legacy in place from the London Olympics.

10. The general circus that is the Olympic Games, diverting as it is, will be insufficient to obscure the reality of the global economic crisis that still haunts the planet.


End. JPK Copyright 10/8/12

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